Let’s get this out of the way: sustainable fashion can feel like it means nothing more then buzzwords these days. But we love making products and work to find the most responsible way to do it. Below are some of the things we do to try and manufacture consciously and what we hope to build in the future for After All.

  • Designed to Minimize Waste

    We design each piece to minimize waste by creating patterns that leave as few cutting room scraps as possible. When we have scraps, we utilize them for other designs. We also try to design pieces that you will want to keep for a long time.

  • Materials

    We use natural materials (like organic cotton and hemp) as much as possible. When we do use nylon or plastic, it is always recycled. We only use leather scraps from other projects that would otherwise be discarded and upcycle them into our leather bags. We work with natural dyes and water based inks.

  • Production and Getting to You

    Our pieces are either made to order or made in small batches to prevent overproduction and waste. Our mailers are either home compostable or recycled and we try to minimize packaging as much as possible.

At the end of the day we all just need to make and consume less. We try to not make too much and create products that you'll want to use everyday and keep for a long time

Questions? Reach out to hi@afterall.design